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Any Questions?     Contact SASH directly.

If you have any questions relating to what we do, how we could help you, or someone you know, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are available via telephone or email.

How long can I remain in a SASH property?

Residents would normally be in a position to move on to other accommodation within five years. A regular review takes place involving SASH staff, the resident and the residents Care Coordinator to agree appropriate actions and timescales.


What support will be provided for me?

Prior to moving in to a SASH property, your support needs will be identified and an agreed support put in place. A person providing support specific to your needs will be identified and will maintain contact with you and SASH for the duration of your stay. This could be your Social Worker.

SASH members of staff will provide the landlord management functions to ensure that the licence agreement is being kept by all housemates. This might include monitoring a cleaning rota for shared or common parts of the building.